Karasiowka is situated in Orlickie Mountains, which are home for many interesting species of animals and plants.

During relaxing walks you can find many herbs, berries, interesting birds and animals. It is caused by unpolluted forests and quiet surroundings.

Also the river is perfect example of unpolluted environment. Anglers will value variety of fish living in race od Dzika Orlica, especially trouts and graylings.

Niemojów is perfect place for photographers, paiters, artists, writers and everyone who needs calmness for work.

"Karasiówka" Agrotourism Farm, Grzegorz Karasiński, Niemojów 5, phone: +48 (74) 8119699 www.agroturystyka.jkarasinski.pl e-mail: jurekkaras@vp.pl

project and realization: panterek.net